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在国家“一带一路”战略这一大的时代机遇下,今年1月30日,喜推科技与马来西亚Mirage Miracle sdn bhd公司正式达成战略合作,后者成为喜推在马来西亚的代理商,二者携手开始了东盟市场的开拓之路。


     After nearly three months of hard work, the international version of Xi Tui- HeyTool was officially launched on 22th April 2019, and began to serve corporate users in Malaysia, which is the first step move forward in serving customers around the world. At this point, it makes the range of services of Xi Tui expand from the domestic to  international, and this make Xi Tui system has officially entered the global era.

     HeyTool uses full English UI design to provide a localized interface that is more in line with local users' habits and experience, and access to major international social media such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, WeChat, etc., to fully meet the needs of overseas companies to receive, communicate, transform and management. 

     Since its inception, Xi Tui has established a corporate vision of “There Is No Hard Sales In The World”, and has developed a development strategy of independent innovation and “localization”, and is committed to rooting in the target market through the introduction of local partners, progress steadily, this is to build Xi Tui to become a world-renowned international brand.

     Under the great opportunity of the national “Belt and Road” strategy, Xi Tui Technology has officially entered into a strategic cooperation with Mirage Miracle Sdn Bhd, Malaysia on 30th January 2019, which became master agent in Malaysia. Both has started the road of pioneering the ASEAN market.

     It can be said that, Xi Tui system provides global services, which is an important step for the development of enterprise-level SaaS in China, and it is also a new starting point for Xi Tui in promoting its own development. According to Xi Tui spokesperson, the company will continue to improve the performance of the system in steps and accelerate the pace of overseas deployment. In future, Xi Tui, China will promote its global enterprise and contribute China's wisdom with stronger functions and better performance in order to make the real words of – “There is no hard sales in the world”.

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